November 2019: Approved Courses

ERM 5590: Cognitive Bias NECR 5050: Healthcare Negotiation NECR 5090: Fundamentals of Organizational Ombuds Practice NOPM: Disasters and Community: Philanthropic and Nonprofit Engagement SUMA: Solid Waste Management SUSC: Statistics, Data Analysis, and Coding for Sustainability Science SPRT 5150: The Business of Professional Sports Leagues & Franchises Course Overview for ERM 5590Cognitive Bias Insofar as there is a “traditional” field of ERM, it tends to operate … Continue reading November 2019: Approved Courses

October 2019: Approved Courses

Course Name Change: Narrative Medicine: NMED 5110 changed from “Methods in Narrative Medicine” to “Close Reading: Principles, Practice, and Practicum”.  Course Approvals: NECR 5101: Understanding Conflict and Cooperation APAN 5600: Strategy and Analytics SCOM PS5310: Ethical Decision Making for Communicators SPRT 5331: Sports Entrepreneurship HCM 5250: Foundations of Labor & Employment Law Course Overview for NECR 5101Understanding Conflict and Cooperation Conflict is an inherent part … Continue reading October 2019: Approved Courses

May 2019: Approved Courses

APAN 5470: Introduction to Blockchains, Cryptocurrencies & Analytics; SCOM 5020: The Strategic Storyteller; ACTU 5823: Actuarial Models; NECR 5105: Introduction to Negotiation; NECR 5207: Advanced Mediation (Block Week); HCM 6011: Business Partnerships HCM 5200: Finance for Effective Human Capital Management; HCM 5100: Introduction to Human Capital Management; BIET 5475: Journalism & Bioethics; NMED 5045: Race, Narrative, and Medicine: Descripting Non-Compliant African American Bodies APAN 5470 … Continue reading May 2019: Approved Courses

April 2019: Approved Courses

Nonprofit Management 5290: Role and Unique Nature of Nonprofits; Negotiation and Conflict Resolution 5240: International Fieldwork NOPM 5290 Course Overview: This introductory course sets the context for the unique and fundamental role the nonprofit sector has played – and currently plays – in American society and as a global leader. Changing perceptions of the social compact and the role of nonprofits in civil society will … Continue reading April 2019: Approved Courses