February 2022: From Beth-Fisher-Yoshida

Dear SPS Faculty,

February can feel like the doldrums. Winter has overstayed its welcome and spring is still figuring out if it wants to return. Even though it is a shorter month, at this point in the season it can drag on endlessly. It is important to find ways to sustain momentum when there are many demands placed on us, the semester is in full swing, and we are already planning summer if not the next academic year.

One technique to not feel overwhelmed and under encouraged, is to break all of these activities down into smaller chunks. This allows for a few dynamics to happen.

  1. Define tasks so they are smaller and more narrowly defined. This can give a sense of achievement as the items are checked off the list upon completion. That is motivating.
  2. Make lists. Writing down obligations and deliverables helps prevent carrying them around, blocking valuable brain power that could be put elsewhere. Clear mind lighter person.
  3. Make plans for something light and fun. It could be a meal with someone you have not seen or taking in a movie or good book. If you have the luxury of an extended weekend getaway, take it. Change of scenery works wonders.

If you have taken the Myers Briggs assessment and tested as a “J,” you will resonate with making lists and checking off items for feelings of accomplishment. If you tested “P,” then find some time to just meander, explore, and brainstorm any particular topic that gives you energy. Not having to make any decisions and leaving the space open for other possibilities to emerge can be freeing.

These blogs are meant to stimulate thoughts and responses, so please feel free to contribute your favorite techniques, your “go to” activities that give you energy and sustain you through the remains of winter.

Thank you,