February 2022: Faculty Affairs – Faculty Onboarding and Policies

Fall 2022 CPS Deadlines

DeadlineItemSubmit to:Calendar Entry
3/21/2022CPS Submitted to Academic Affairs for ReviewSenior Associate Dean for Academic AffairsCPS Fa22 Due Date – Deadline to submit CPS to AA
3/21/2022 (week of)Academic Affairs Reviews and Approves Sections – Communicates to ProgramsN/ACPS Fa22 Academic Affairs Reviews and Approves Sections (3/14-3/18)
4/4/2022All courses must be entered into Course Management System.Course Management SystemCPS Su22 Due Date – Deadline to enter Courses into CMS
5/27/2022CPS with finalized Faculty (both Lecturers & Associates). Full-time Officers of Instruction external to SPS, Officers of Administration and Officers of Research who will be teaching with SPS must be identified and included on the CPSFaculty Affairs CUSPS ZendeskCPS Fa22 Due Date – Deadline to finalize Faculty roles
5/30/2022 (week of)Faculty Affairs to meet with program staff to review the CPSN/ACPS Fa22 Faculty Affairs & Programs Review CPS (5/30-6/3)
6/6/2022All completed IEFs and CVs (for both Lecturers & Associates) due to Faculty AffairsFaculty Affairs – Google DriveCPS Fa22 Due Date – Deadline to submit Faculty IEFs & CVs