January 2022: OCI – Professional Development and Training

Updates for Professional Development and Training include:

  • We have seen a significant increase in registration and attendance to our Faculty Educational Technology trainings for January! This is great news and the best way for our instructors to prepare for the two week remote learning period, as well as any courses running in an online/hybrid/HyFlex modality. This will also help reduce the number of helpdesk requests at a time when our support team’s are short staffed and ensure faculty are prepared for  any other future disruptions that might require remote instruction.
  • We encourage any remaining Instructors and Associates who have not done so to attend training to prepare yourself for remote instruction this semester. You can register for training on the CUSPS calendly landing page. Educational Technology trainings most pertinent to remote instruction are included below:
    Canvas Training + Canvas office hours
    Zoom Training + Zoom office hours
    Online Pedagogical Consultations
  • If you have any questions, we encourage you to make use of our helpdesk at cusps.zendesk.com. Please be aware that our response time may be slower than usual due to staff that have unfortunately contracted COVID-19. You can also find assistance by using our robust guides in our help center: Remote Instruction Guides