November 2021: OCI – Professional Development and Training

Educational Technology Training for Spring 2022
Intensive training and workshops kick off on November 15, 2021 and will run through the first two weeks of the Spring 2022 term. You can find a list of our current offerings on our Calendly registration page.

We encourage ALL instructors to take advantage of training resources prior to the launch of their course, but especially any instructors who haven’t taught since last Spring or are teaching in a modality that is new for them.

Popular trainings and workshops include:

  • Canvas Training
  • Panopto Demonstration
  • Zoom Training
  • Canvas & Zoom drop-in hours
  • HyFlex Faculty Forums
  • HyFlex Workshops

First Wednesday Webinar: How I Stopped Worrying and Learned to Love the Lesson Plan (12/1/2021, Noon-1PM ET)
Presenter: Dave McAlinden, Sr. Instructional Designer
This one-hour webinar will offer a framework for understanding your current teaching practices. The session will offer techniques to help gain students’ attention, call up concepts, and enhance retention of material in order to help make sessions more cohesive and engaging.

We’ll aim to cover content in the first 45 minutes and finish with 15 minutes for Q&A. Please come prepared to participate — we would love to hear about how you currently plan and execute your class sessions.

Register here:

Free Webinar: Design, Equity, and Access in Online Education (11/16, 1 PM ET)
Research indicates teacher preparation and quality of teaching are the leading factors in student success. Poor preparation and inadequate design strategies can deprive students of equitable use and access to optimal digital-based learning experiences (Delgado, 2019). Find out how you can set your students up for success by creating more inclusive learning experiences in this Quality Matters (QM) Success Stories webinar. 

Registration is free for faculty and staff through our institutional subscription to Quality Matters (QM). To learn more and register, visit QM’s Success Stories webpage. Questions? Contact Phoebe Ballard, Executive Director of Online Learning Operations, at