October 2021: Faculty Affairs – Faculty Development

Updates for Faculty Development include:

  • We have completed the running of our fall pedagogical workshops. Faculty who are interested in receiving or discussing content from these workshops should contact Zach Kornhauser (zk2124@columbia.edu).
  • We are excited to announce the launch of upcoming faculty forums, which will be held on alternating Thursdays (from 1-2pm) beginning on October 21st and running throughout the Fall and Spring semesters. These forums will provide faculty with the opportunity to discuss instructional experiences in a warm and welcoming environment while also receiving practical advice from the Office of Online Curriculum and Instruction in conjunction with the Faculty Assessment and Development Team. In order to be added to the contact list for these forums you must opt-in by filling out this form. Sample topics that the forums will cover include:
    • Engaging quiet students
    • Building student choice into your courses
    • Maintaining a strong classroom climate
    • Supporting effective student presentations
    • Tips for planning to teach in future semesters.
  • We are currently producing a teaching tip on the value of encouraging students to reflect on their learning. Please be on the lookout for this teaching tip which will be distributed via email in the coming days.
  • Faculty who are interested in discussing the results of their third week course evaluations can register for a consult with a trained pedagogical professional by visiting this page.
  • Faculty who wish to receive constructive feedback on their teaching or ways to improve student learning can request an observation, in which a trained observer will view your class and provide feedback on your strengths and potential areas for improvement. In-person, online, and HyFlex classes can be observed. Please email zk2124@columbia.edu to request an observation.