September 2021: Faculty Development

We have a number of workshops running through the month of September. Please see below for a list of workshops, their times, and links to register:

  • Developing a Positive Classroom Climate (September 20, 12-1pm). Discusses the importance of a positive classroom climate as well as how to create them.
  • Assignments, Grading, and Feedback (September 23, 6-7pm). Focuses on methods for creating assignments so that they best match the course modality as well as ensuring that the assessments measure the cognitive skills that they are intended to assess. The workshop will also introduce attendees to methods for providing effective feedback in online as well as in-person classroom environments.
  • Supporting Group Projects (September 30, 1-2 pm) Attendees at this workshop learn to design effective group projects, support and direct progress on group projects, and utilize assessments that best align with the goals of group projects

Faculty who wish to schedule a pedagogical consultation prior to the start of their courses can do so by visiting this page.

Faculty who wish to receive constructive feedback on their teaching or ways to improve student learning can request an observation, in which a member of our team will observe your class and provide feedback on your strengths and potential areas for improvement. In-person, online, and HyFlex classes can be observed. Please email Zach Kornhauser ( to request an observation.