August 2021: From Beth Fisher-Yoshida

Dear SPS Faculty,

In getting ready to psyche myself up for fall and all of the unpredictability it brings, I wanted to do a little assessment of where I am now. There is an image I use for myself and with others in workshops, to develop self-awareness of where my energy is going. This is what the image looks like:

There are four areas of focus in this image. There is the mind and that relates to cognitive activity. Emotions reflect the state of the intensity of the emotions you feel that could be positive or negative. Body reflects how much physical activity you have been doing or perhaps health concerns have been occupying you. The spiritual realm you can think of as focusing on how centered you are feeling, how attuned you are to higher levels of being. You shade in the areas where you have had a bigger focus starting from the center.

This past week I have been on vacation and helping my mother with her move. Therefore, I have been very physical because of all the preparation for packing, the actual packing and discarding unwanted items, then the unpacking. I have been keeping myself on an even keel emotionally and finding the process a bit meditative perhaps because of some of the mundane nature of it all. There has been less cognitive engagement. The image below reflects the distribution of how my energy has been spent this last week:

In turning my attention to more careful planning for the fall semester, including our orientation week at the end of August/beginning of September, I am making an assumption that the distribution of how my energy will be spent will change. I suspect my cognitive activity will increase, it really needs to! Since we are still remote I expect my physical activity to decrease compared to this past week. I am hoping my emotional engagement increases and positively and that I find re-engaging with teaching and the program to be restorative and fulfilling.

If you find you would like to do a self-assessment for yourself, I offer the image to you to use. Participants in previous workshops have found it informative and useful as they plan how to use their time and where to productively focus their energy. I hope you do as well.

Thank you,