August 2021: Faculty Affairs – Faculty Onboarding and Policies

Please see the Spring 2022 CPS deadlines below.

Spring 2022 CPS Deadlines
DeadlineItemSubmit To:
9/27/2021CPS Submitted to Academic Affairs for ReviewSenior Associate Dean for Academic Affairs
9/27/2021 (week of)Academic Affairs Reviews and Approves Sections – Communicates to ProgramsN/A
9/27/2021 (week of)Review of New Adjunct FacultyCOI
10/4/2021CPS with finalized Faculty (both Lecturers & Associates)Faculty Affairs – CUSPS Zendesk
10/4/2021Full-time Officers of Instruction external to SPS, Officers of Administration and Officers of Research who will be teaching with SPS must be identified and included on the CPSFaculty Affairs – CUSPS Zendesk
10/4/2021 (week of)Faculty Affairs to meet with program staff to review the CPS and faculty eligibilityN/A
10/11/2021All completed IEFs and CVs (for both Lecturers & Associates) due to Faculty AffairsFaculty Affairs – Google Drive
11/1/2021All courses must be entered into Course Management System.Course Management System