Course Review Process Policy

Please see the Course Review Process Policy, attached and listed below. This policy has been revised by the AEC in January 2020.

Title: Course Review Process Policy

Responsible Unit: Academic Directors, Academic Affairs

Approval by: Academic Excellence Committee, Dean’s Council

Effective Date: January 2020

The Academic Excellence Committee (AEC) is charged with ensuring and maintaining academic rigor and curricular quality and consistency across all programs at the School of Professional Studies.

This policy applies to both new courses and existing courses with changes requiring AEC approval.

For Existing Courses: Please see the Course and Program Change Revisions Policy effective September 15, 2018, for the list of syllabus changes that require AEC review.

For New Courses: Prior to review, each program’s Academic Director and the Senior Associate Dean, Academic Affairs must approve course development, establish a need for the course within the existing curriculum, and identify a clear alignment of the course with the program learning objectives. The development and approval of the course must adhere to the deadlines and parameters of the budget process.

After development (new course) or revision (existing course), courses will undergo a three-step review process:

Step 1: First, at least two program faculty members will review the syllabus to ensure that subject matter content has appropriate depth, breadth, and relevance for the topic at hand. Program faculty will use the syllabus rubric as a guideline to assess the rigor, relevance, and structure of the course. The faculty members’ feedback and recommendations will be shared with the program’s Academic Director (AD).

Step 2: The AD will review the proposed syllabus. S/he/they will use the syllabus rubric as a guideline to assess the content and pedagogy of the course. If any criterion is not met, the AD will provide feedback to the instructor and/or Instructional Designer to revise the syllabus. If the AD is satisfied with the course, s/he/they will submit the syllabus to the Academic Excellence Committee for final approval via

Step 3: The Academic Excellence Committee will review the syllabus submitted by the AD to ensure that the course is Columbia University level quality. The AEC will review the course, provide feedback as necessary to the AD, and approve the course as the syllabus of record.

There are no exceptions to this policy.