June 2021: Instructional Support – Program and Faculty Resources

Zendesk will continue to serve as a hub for all resources and requests for faculty and administration. Faculty, staff, and students in need of any type of support or event support/coordination, are encouraged to reach out via Zendesk by submitting requests or speaking with a member from the Instructional Support team. The toll-free phone number is 844-654-9872. The hours of operation for Instructional Support are 8am – 7pm. The OCI team that we share the Zendesk platform with are available for additional support from 9am – 9pm. 

Training Underway for Summer B
We encourage all instructors to take advantage of these resources prior to the launch of their course, but especially any instructors who haven’t taught since last Summer or are teaching in a modality that is new for them.

These intensive trainings and workshops began in early June and will run up to the start of Summer B. You can find a list of our current offerings on our Calendly registration page.

Popular trainings and workshops include:

  • Canvas Training
  • Panopto Demonstration
  • Zoom Training
  • Zoom Practice for Remote Instruction
  • HyFlex Faculty Forums
  • HyFlex Workshops