February 2021: OCI – General Updates

OCI Team Members to Present at Learning Ideas 2021
Domi Enders, Cassie Scannella, and Camilo Irizarry will be presenting at the Learning Ideas 2021 Conference, hosted at Columbia University. Their presentation, “Empowering Collaboration in Asynchronous Problem-Based Learning”, will share how instructional design and educational technology perspectives, along with student data insights, can be leveraged to empower student collaboration using a rubric designed to optimize group dynamics, peer-to-peer reflection, and individual skills development.

Welcome, Sean Netzel!
Sean Netzel joined the instructional design team as a student intern for the spring 2021 semester. Sean spent roughly eight years as an ESL teacher and advisor internationally in South Korea, Japan, and Spain before moving back to the U.S. in 2019 to pursue his M.S.Ed. in Higher Education at California State University – Fullerton. Sean is in the final semester of his graduate program which has an emphasis on student affairs and the holistic experiences of students throughout higher education. His research is focused on student development theory, learning theory, and the historical and philosophical contexts of higher education.