February 2021: Faculty Affairs -Faculty Engagement

Updates for Faculty Communications include:

In collaboration with SPS Communications we are presenting a Faculty Web & Social Communications Toolkit during program all-faculty meetings that shares the Faculty Communications framework and best practices for sharing information about our faculty across web and social and the new Faculty and Program Communications form which allows for a more efficient way of gathering information to create drafts for program and faculty review.

Please follow the SPS Faculty Twitter account @CUSPSFaculty and use #ColumbiaSPSFaculty if you are sharing news on your social media accounts about your achievements, research, articles, panels, presentations, and industry insights.

We are updating the SPS Faculty Directory, please be attentive to emails regarding this project and please share an updated bio and photo via the new Faculty and Program Communications form.

As the semester is underway, we would like to encourage you to share your SPS experiences with fellow community members on the SPS blog, Tomorrow’s Minds at Work.
We are looking for professional and personal posts that provide firsthand views of life inside and outside the classroom.

Blog posts can:
Analyze professional issues
Share experiences and reflections as members of the SPS community.
Highlight program activities, including capstone projects, internships, faculty research, conferences, special events, and the accomplishments of our students and graduates
Announce changes in curricula, new courses, and new faculty
Blog posts in celebration of Black History Month and Women’s History Month (March)
Black History Today: Who should we all be learning from in your industry?
What are you reading, watching, or listening to for Black History Month? Email a short answer to ch3195@columbia.edu to be included.

Below are examples of content types and submission guidelines can be found here: https://sps.columbia.edu/contribute-tomorrows-minds-work-blog#toc-