January 2021: Faculty Affairs – Faculty Development

Updates for Faculty Development include:

We are running six workshops during the month of January. Topics include adapting courses for HyFlex instruction, supporting group projects in online environments, and creating positive classroom climates. You can view and register for the full list of workshops here.

We held a Spring Faculty Welcome event that drew nearly 170 faculty from programs across the school. The event featured five “lightning talks” from SPS faculty on topics germane to the current learning environment

We offered a faculty forum for new HyFlex faculty wherein a panel of veteran HyFlex instructors shared their tips and tricks of teaching in the modality with new HyFlex instructors. The panel also included a Q&A session.

You can become an active member in the SPS faculty community by participating in bi-weekly faculty teaching forums, which are offered to faculty teaching online as well as faculty teaching in the HyFlex modality. Forums for faculty teaching online begin on January 25th, and forums for faculty teaching in the HyFlex modality begin on February 1st. In order to be added to the contact list for these forums you must opt-in by filling out this form.