December 2020: Instructional Support – Program and Faculty Resources

Zendesk will continue to serve as a hub for all resources and requests for faculty and administration. Faculty, staff, and students in need of any type of support or event support/coordination, are encouraged to reach out via Zendesk by submitting requests or speaking with a member from the Instructional Support team. The toll-free phone number is 844-654-9872. The hours of operation for Instructional Support are 8am – 7pm. The OCI team that we share the Zendesk platform with are available for additional support from 9am – 9pm. 

Video Assistants have been assigned to all Faculty who are teaching Hyflex courses on campus, should you have any questions or concerns with the assigned Video Assistant please do not hesitate to place a Zendesk Request or contact Jessica Tong ( or Steven Thomas ( directly.