November 2020: Faculty Affairs – Faculty Onboarding and Policies

Updates for Faculty Onboarding and Policies include:

  • Sending out Spring 2021 faculty contracts (610 part-time lecturers and associates; 50 AY Immersion Program instructors).
  • Preparing for Summer Sessions and Summer High School Program.
  • Collaborating with SPS cross-functional units to ensure “Return to Campus” compliance for HyFlex instructors in Spring 2021.
  • Streamlining and automating the faculty onboarding process through an integrated suite of software platforms, including Course Management, Clickboarding, and Interfolio to:
    • Manage the faculty lifecycle from recruitment, hiring and onboarding, training and development and performance assessment
    • Provide a dedicated central database to serve as the system of record, which will increase data transparency, and enable standardized reporting.”
  • Increased collaborations within Academic Affairs to prepare for Spring 2021 faculty orientations including MS, Non-degree, and Pre-college faculty.

Summer 2021 CPS Deadlines:

1/22/2021: CPS with finalized Faculty (both Lecturers & Associates). Full-time Officers of Instruction external to SPS, Officers of Administrations and Officers of Research who will be teaching with SPS must be identified and included on the CPS.

1/25/2021 (week of): Faculty Affairs to meet with program staff to review the CPS

2/5/2021: All completed IEFs and CVs (for both Lecturers and Associates) due to Faculty Affairs