June 2020: IS – MS Program Support

MS Program Support updates include:

  • Instructional Support continues to operate, providing support to MS programs and Arts and Sciences through Zendesk and Zendesk Talks.
  • Currently Instructional Support has supported or coordinated with the following programs for virtual events via Zoom in June: Sports – Real Madrid, TMGT – Intensives & Defenses. 
  • Instructional Support has also assisted with hosting and coordinating a successful Summer Orientation and currently planning session 2. In addition, partnering with Events to support Girls in STEM and will be presenting for HBCU Fellowship orientation.
  • Instructional Support continues to coordinate with Business Services for the facilitation of remote equipment for: High School Program, SIPA, and Summer Session Music classes.
  • IEF’s for Fall 2020 are currently being processed for APAN, ERM, BUSI. Deadline for submission is June 15th, 2020.