April 2020: Faculty Affairs

Dear Faculty, Academic Directors and Program Staff,

We would like to share with you three projects currently underway that will serve to enhance the visibility of SPS and our faculty.

Beginning April 1st, Faculty Affairs and the SPS Communications teams started using the hashtag #columbiaspsfaculty to enhance the discovery and engagement of your work on and off-campus. We hope to connect with you soon to explore additional opportunities to create content regarding workshops or other events you would like to highlight. Please look for an email from our teams to schedule a Zoom meeting to discuss further.

In the interim, should you tweet about faculty activities, please use the #columbiaspsfaculty hashtag. You can also tag the School through Twitter: Columbia_SPS; Instagram: ColumbiaSPS; and on LinkedIn as well. Again, our goal is to collectively showcase faculty and faculty-student engagement to build community and refresh brand perception. All news is welcome! If you would like us to feature your news through our Columbia SPS social media channels, please send us an email at spsnews@columbia.edu

We are also working to increase faculty presence on the SPS website. As you may have noted, the faculty tab is now featured on the main page. With the support of the Design and Web Development and the SPS Communications teams, we are working to redesign and enhance faculty profiles. We are in the process of reaching out to individual programs to update information for the faculty directory and to schedule new headshots once we are back on campus.

Lastly, the survey sent by the Research Committee in early January will be opened once more to those who did not have an opportunity to complete it. The compilation of your research is essential to how we will feature it on our website, and we are currently benchmarking how other schools at Columbia structure the visibility and accessibility of their faculty’s research. Until we receive all completed surveys, we will not be able to make the best possible choice, so we ask you kindly for your participation. Please look for an email regarding the reopened survey shortly. 

We are excited to get these initiatives underway. We truly appreciate your support in these efforts to increase faculty visibility and presence and strengthen the school brand. Please again remember to use the hashtag #columbiaspsfaculty!

Thank you to everyone for your support. If you have any questions, please feel free to share your feedback and comments to Jennifer Goez, Senior Director, Faculty Recruitment and Communications Strategy, jennifer.goez@columbia.edu.