New Publication: “Deep Analytics for Workplace Risk and Disaster Management” – Siddhartha Dalal

Please find Siddhartha Dalal’s recent publication below:

Abstract : We discuss dynamic real-time analysis from multimodal data fusion for contextual risk identification to generate “risk maps” for the workplace, resulting in timely identification of hazards and associated risk mitigation. It includes new machine/deep learning, analytics, methods, and its applications that deal with the unconventional data collected from pictures, videos, documents, mobile apps, sensors/Internet of Things, Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) rules, and Building Information Model (BIM) Models. Specifically, we describe a number of advances and challenges in this field with applications of computer vision, natural language processing, and sensor data analysis. Applications include automated cause identification, damage prevention, and disaster recovery using current and historical claims data and other public data. The methods developed can be applied to any given situation with different groups of people, including first responders. Finally, we discuss some of the important nontechnical challenges related to business practicality, privacy, and industry regulations.

Article: IEEE IBM Journal of R&D
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