February 2020: OCI – Online Course Planning and Development

Preparing Online Legacy Courses for Summer 2020

Beginning March 2, members of our instructional design team will begin reaching out to lead faculty of legacy courses — online and hybrid courses that were designed and taught in a previous semester — to prepare summer 2020 course sites for OCI’s quality assurance testing cycle, which begins on April 20. If changes or updates to the course design are requested, the instructional designer assigned to that course will contact the Academic Director to make sure that the proposed changes meet their approval.

Instructional Design Office Hours Available for All Faculty – Spring 2020
This spring, Online Curriculum and Instruction’s (OCI) Instructional Design team will hold online office hours for all faculty. During office hours, faculty can consult with an instructional designer to obtain guidance related to course design, regardless of whether the course is offered in an online format or delivered face-to-face. 

Both lecturers and associates are welcome to schedule an appointment. Instructional designers can meet with you to:

  • Provide feedback on a new or existing syllabus
  • Discuss course and module/unit level learning objectives
  • Recommend design choices – such as asynchronous learning activities, assessment strategies, and rubrics – that align with the learning objectives