January 2020: OCI – Online Course Planning and Development

Summer 2020 Course Development

The course development cycle for online and hybrid courses launching in summer 2020 kicked-off on Wednesday, January 2. Courses that are new or under redesign, and that need to have the syllabus reviewed and provisionally approved by the AEC, will need to finish syllabus development by mid-February. Instructional Designers assigned to those projects will work with Staff Associates to submit syllabi to the Academic Director for review on or around February 5.

Requesting Course Development

Members of the Academic Affairs leadership team will be meeting with Academic Directors soon to review summer course development needs for courses launching in fall 2020. In preparing for that meeting, programs should plan to identify: 

  • Which courses need to be developed or redesigned
  • Whether each course is a core course or an elective
  • The modality of each course (online, hybrid, block week, or face-to-face)
  • When will each course will be offered
  • Whether faculty need to hired for online course development