January 2020: OCI – Academic Technology

Canvas and Zoom Updates for Spring 2020

Beginning this spring, faculty and students will see new features and functionality in Canvas and Zoom, including:

  1. New Gradebook: The New Gradebook was turned on for all courses in the first week of January, replacing the previous version of the Canvas gradebook. No grade data was lost in this transition. The New Gradebook gives faculty access to new features that make the grading process easier. To control student grade visibility, the ‘mute’ & ‘unmute’ functions are now referred to as ‘hidden’ & ‘posted.’ 
  2. New Analytics: The New Analytics tool has been turned on for Canvas and replaces the previous course-level analytics. This feature allows instructors to see course data on weekly online activity and course grades. It also allows instructors to see the most popular resources in their course as well as track course grades for student submissions as either an interactive chart graph or data table.
  3. Zoom Class Sessions: Courses with required online classes will have the benefit of an updated Zoom integration making it even easier for faculty and students to meet online. Zoom LTI Pro will function similar to the previous integration, but with the added benefit of course Associates now being able to see the scheduled Zoom meetings.

Technical Support for Spring 2020
Faculty, students, and staff in need of technical support can make use of CUSPS Helpdesk at cusps.zendesk.com by submitting requests, accessing helpful technology guides, and chatting with a live representative from the Online Support team. The Helpdesk is available until 9 PM, ET on weeknights and we try to respond to every ticket within 24 hours by the next business day.