December 2019: From Beth Fisher-Yoshida

December 2019

Dear SPS Faculty,

The end of another semester and thoughts of pulling all loose ends together for a welcome
respite are prominent. It is important to rest and rejuvenate before it all starts back up

Very recently a colleague and I had our book proposal accepted and so next calendar year
will be filled with writing. It is a research book, or field guide as we like to think of it, based
on our participatory methods that we have been using and refining in the field for several
years. I was sharing the table of contents and a short blurb about each with one of my
graduating students and getting excited all over again about writing this book we have
wanted to do for so long. After reading through the list of 11 chapters, she commented that
it sounded very much like the NECR program!

Hmmm, I had not thought of it that way and admitted it must be because I am the common
denominator! When I thought about it some more I realized that there is a high degree of
fluidity in the work I do in the field and the work I do in the classroom. There is also
consistency in what I actually do and what I think is important for students to learn. This
further reinforces for me the sense of being a scholar-practitioner and that there is this
consistency in all facets of my work in and out of the classroom. This is something that has
definitely evolved over the years because I do not recall it being that fluid earlier in my

I wonder how that is for other faculty members in the school? We use the term scholar-
practitioner quite loosely and how does this show up for you in your practice, teaching,
research and writing? It would be great to get a dialogue going on this topic. I look forward
to reading your comments.

Have wonderful holidays!

Thank you,

Beth Fisher-Yoshida