Course Cancellation Policy

Please see the course cancellation policy, attached and listed below.

Title: Course Cancellation Policy

Responsible Unit: Faculty Affairs

Approval by: Academic Excellence Committee, Dean’s Council


The policy at SPS is not to cancel a course once it has been listed in the Directory of Classes and has student enrollment. In the event of an exception, the program administrator must submit a request for course cancellation to the Senior Associate Dean for Academic Affairs. If the request for course cancellation is approved the program administrator must immediately notify the faculty member and the enrolled students that the course is cancelled. Students then work with their advisers and/or the program to decide on which alternative course to take. Upon notification of a course cancellation, the Faculty Affairs team will cancel the appointment in the payroll system via a PAF, which has to be approved by Arts & Sciences, the Provost’s Office and Central HR.


All exceptions must be approved by the Senior Associate Dean for Academic Affairs.