September 2019: Faculty Assessment and Development

Online Workshops

Please encourage your faculty to register for online workshops hosted by the Faculty Assessment and Development team. Faculty can register on the google form below. Please note that we are offering eight unique online workshops, so there should be additional pedagogical opportunities even for folks who have already attended orientation.

Link to register:

Faculty Assessment and Development Services

Teaching consultations: Upon request, a teaching consultant can meet with you to help you implement evidence-based practices into your teaching, discuss your teaching approach and goals, provide feedback on aspects of your teaching, or discuss any teaching-related concerns you might have. All consultations are confidential, with the exception of soliciting the expertise of other pedagogical experts, such as instructional designers and educational technologists. You can sign up for a consultation here: or contact Zach Kornhauser (

Teaching observations: Faculty who are looking for constructive feedback on their teaching or ways to improve student learning can request an observation. Observations involve an initial conversation with a consultant about your teaching approach and goals, followed by a course observation and a debrief, or follow-up consultation. Observations are conducted to examine the extent to which your course goals are met, and to provide feedback on teaching practices. All information from observations are kept strictly confidential, and both online and in-person courses can be observed. You can sign up for an observation here: or contact Colleen Davy (

Teaching forums: Bi-weekly, one-hour informal teaching forums are a venue for faculty to collaboratively discuss topics of pedagogical interest in a welcoming environment. These forums are thematically based, but the conversation shifts according to participants’ interests/needs. The forums will be offered both in-person and online The in-person forums will take place every other Tuesday from 12-1 (with lunch served!) beginning this coming Tuesday (9/17). The online forums are held over Zoom on alternating Mondays from 2-3 PM. To be added to the contact list for the forums, please provide your contact information in the following google form:

Focus groups: Focus groups are a method of collecting in-depth feedback from students. Faculty may wish to conduct a focus group to gather information about their teaching effectiveness or about the content, design, or delivery of their course. Upon request, a member of the team can help develop questions that will elicit the desired information and facilitate a focus group with students. To request a focus group please contact Colleen Davy (