April 2019: CNAD Program Changes

The Construction Administration (CNAD) program will be revising their curriculum for Spring 2020. These changes were informed by student and alumni surveys, fulfilling a need to tailor curricula to student interest, career path, and level of professional experience.

Summary of Changes:

  • Incorporation of introductory 1.5 credit courses. This will allow students to gain breadth and explore multiple themes at a low credit commitment before choosing specific topics to study in greater depth. Advanced students may test out of the introductory courses.
  • Introduction of new elective topics to reflect changes in industry priorities (e.g. highlighting strategic, mid-level management and operational design; project management from the executive level; stadia construction), as well as to increase depth of knowledge in particular areas (e.g. construction law and contracts).

Please see the attached curriculum update plan and comparison of changes for further information.